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  • This versatile and robust tool undertakes the difficult task of timber cutting; making accurate cross cuts in wood, plastic, and light metals and cutting through tough materials without difficulty. It converts instantly from a Mitre Saw to a Table saw. The table height and sturdy legs make placing and cutting timber effortless.

  • A contractors saw is likely to be the best choice for serious DIYers or contractors who like using table saws on the job site.

  • Variable speed motor for greater control when cutting intricate patterns. Unique built-in light to illuminate work area. Built-in dust blower nozzle and dust collection port. Takes both plain and pin-type blades.

  • Reciprocating saws are designed for rough cutting and demolition. They are very useful in construction, plumbing and electrical jobs. With the right blade, reciprocating saws slice through metal,  masonry, wood, plaster, fibreglass, dry walling and more. The variable speed control makes this reciprocating saw ideal for most applications.

  • Widely regarded as the king of woodworking tools due to its versatility in the amount of functions it can perform. Whilst it is mainly a crosscut saw, its can also be used to rip, cut bevels or mitres,  dadoes and rabbets and form mouldings.

  • A mitre saw sis a handy addition to any workshop. All Ryobi mitre saws can crosscut, bevel cut and mitre cut, as well as scale to the right and left. They are fitted with tungsten-tipped, wood-cutting, saw blades with a 16mm bore.

  • Ryobi has always made finely crafted jigsaws. All jigsaws are variable speed with pendulum action for a faster, more accurate, clean cut.

  • Ergonomically designed front and rear handles for maximum comfort and control. Spindle lock for quick blade changes. Bevel cuts 0°-45°. Complete with a carbide tipped saw blade.

  • A bench saw will assist in completing any woodworking project quickly and easily. It can be used to rip, square, mitre, groove, bevel, shape and join pieces of wood. The bench saws include a mitre gauge for making angled crosscuts and a blade guard to protect users from the exposed blade. It comes with an easily accessible on/off switch.

  • Powerful and durable cutting saw for professionals. Stable, heavy base ensures accurate cutting.

  • Ideal for re-sawing, ripping, cutting curves, cross-cutting and cutting circles or even intricate scroll patterns. There is no other woodworking machine that can match the versatility of a band saw.

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